• My time is mostly spent on deciding which products to build to add value to customers. 
  • The end goal of my work is to ensure we are building the right things, create the vision, define the direction
  • The challenges I deal with revolve around “customer/user discovery” and finding “product-market fit.”

HOW I DO IT: I conduct market and user research to identify white space market opportunities that solve, connect, and resonate with users’ emotional and functional needs. I distill insights to design, develop, and test hypotheses for desirability, feasibility, and viability to inform product strategy.

  • Problem Statement/Vision: Describe the problem the team is trying to solve and paint the picture of the end goal.
  • Principles: Define guardrails to help the team make decisions
  • Strategy/Hypothesis: Answer the questions — “where do we play?” and “how do we win?”
  • Vision Roadmap: Outline what is needed to build in the coming quarters/years to solve the problem.

EDUCATION: I have an M.S. in Engineering and Management degree focused on product management – integration of human-centered design, business, and engineering from the IDM Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I have a dual bachelors from NYU (B.A. Sociology with a concentration in Consumer Behavior) and Parsons School of Design (B.S. Strategic Design and Management).

SUPER POWERS: Creativity, brainstorming, empathy, and spotting micro signals that can cycle back to the mainstream and become super trends.

MOTIVATION:  Desire to continually create something out of nothing.


  • Make to Connect: Design products and services that connect with humans at functional and emotional levels.
  • Product Vision: The marriage of data, intuition, creativity, and a growth mindset.
  • Executing an Idea without having Data:  Conduct research to “make sure your intuition is in the right place.” – SN Assess the realistic risks. Quantify the potential (TAM/TAP). Try it, and if it doesn’t work the first time – test 1,000 ways to make it work (Test: target audience, packaging, messaging, design, UI, formula, etc).  If nothing worked, at least you gave it a shot. Life is short.
  • Sense of Competitive Urgency: You snooze, you lose.
  • Shared values are more important than shared interests.