The Best Cold Email I’ve ever Sent

By August 15, 2020THE YARN




Dear Mr. xxx,

I hope you are well. My name is Laura Facussé. I recently graduated from MIT with an M.S. in Engineering and Management focused on product design and development. I just moved to New York this September and have recently applied to job opportunities in your division at xxx.

I have been making and selling products since I am 8 yrs old. My mother’s last gift to me was on my 13th birthday, an empty cookbook to write my beauty and food recipes. Before passing, she wore one of my necklaces as a message that she would carry me with her. She intuitively knew that the best way to communicate highly sentimental messages to me was through products, as they are my passion. I develop products as mediums to connect with consumers to the worlds of fashion, beauty, and art because the invisible forces of sight, smell, touch have huge emotional power; they can change the way we feel and think.

At MIT, I focused my research on merging nutraceuticals and beauty to tech. I’ve worked in marketing management and product development of +50 beauty care products and packaged foods. As a third-generation Catholic-Palestinian, born and raised in Honduras, I believe in inclusive beauty; this led me to build the first indie beauty brand of Central America made especially for Latinas. You can learn more about my projects here:

I have a dual bachelors from N.Y.U. (B.A. Sociology with a concentration in Consumer Behavior and Marketing) and Parsons School of Design (B.S. Design and Management). I consider myself a market tactician someone with a holistic perspective who can understand the many parts around the product development function, from market research, defining brand strategy, formulation, and P & L management in order to launch new products.

I would love to be considered to join your team and contribute to generating top-line value creation. I would also love the opportunity to meet you and present myself.

Best, Laura Facusse

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